Monday, 12 December 2011


Pentel Co., Ltd. (ぺんてる株式会社?) is a abreast captivated Japanese aggregation that produces jotter products. Pentel is additionally the artist of non-permanent brand technology. Most Pentel articles are bogus in Japan, Taiwan and France. Yukio Horie, who was the President of the aggregation until his afterlife in 2010, had invented the fibre or felt-tipped pen in the 1960s. 4


Pentel has afresh launched the "Pentel Pocket Brush" 6 7, a "brush pen" (actually a brand pen with a brush-shaped adjustable tip) but refillable, application dispensable ink cartridges like bubbler pens do.

Brush pens (designed and recommended for calligraphy) accept additionally acquired acceptance amid banana book artists, who accept them to ink their works instead of dip pens or acceptable brushes. One of those artists application Pentel is Neal Adams


Former Abstruse Intelligence Service administrator Richard Tomlinson alleges that Pentel Rolling Writer rollerball pens were abundantly acclimated by agents to aftermath abstruse autograph (invisible messages) while on missions.10